Recipes from Today’s Show: Nostalgic Summer Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Summer always makes me think of my trips to Massachusetts to see my mom and all the great meals we shared during those visits. Today, I’m reminiscing and making my version of New England clam chowder. It’s a little lighter than the traditional soup but still rich in flavor; I mix the clam… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Packable Lunches

TODAY on MHTV: I’m making three hearty grain salads that are great for dinner and make refreshing and hearty lunch for the next day (the flavors get better as it sits overnight). Carrots and celery add crunch to my barley, mushroom, and dill salad; my farro, feta, and mint salad is packed with protein-rich chickpeas; and my super-simple brown rice… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Love Thy Pans

TODAY on MHTV: There are tons of pots and pans out there these days – skillets, cast-iron, griddle, you name it. Knowing which pans to use and when to use them is an important skill for any cook, home or professional. I’m cooking up red snapper with citrus-herb relish in a nonstick pan, using cast-iron to… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Kitchen: New York Street Cart Food

TODAY on MHTV: My boys and I are a bit spoiled living in New York; we’re able to get delicious eats on pretty much every corner. As you can imagine, some of the best food comes straight from street cart vendors, so today I’m sharing some of my favorites: soft pretzels, fragrant candied cashews, and… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Improvising in the Kitchen

TODAY on MHTV: Don’t let it get you down if you feel like there’s nothing in the house—this is the best time to experiment with new recipes. Penne is mixed with a rich sauce of sautéed cabbage, bacon and currants and a savory twist on couers a la crème using 3 cheeses is served with endive… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Lunch Party

TODAY on MHTV: Having some go-to recipes for feeding a big crowd fast is a necessity, but it has to be simple to put together. Start with my guacamole (think – easy store bought chips and veggies) that’ll hold everybody over until diving into a party fav, oven-crisped flautas (forget the fryer – these get… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Beef Patties

TODAY on MHTV: One of the best ways to save time during the week is having something you can just throw right in the oven from the freezer, but it’s even better if it’s homemade. Jamaican-style beef patties with curry-seasoned dough and a spicy ground beef filling can be made in advance and stored in the… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Sunday’s Brunch, Monday’s Lunch

TODAY on MHTV at 11:30 am ET: Sundays are a great way to relax and what better way to spend time with the family then to brunch together. I love to take the extra time to cook up a great meal like my savory spinach and ham pie, with a deliciously flaky crust. Alongside, I… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Weeknight Seafood Feast

TODAY on MHTV: Summer is such a great time to enjoy healthy and light seafood dishes. Plus, fish is a fast, flavorful meal and these three recipes are no exception. Bubbly, golden broiled oysters are sprinkled with herbs and Parmesan cheese for a dish that’s ready in just few minutes. Or, quickly prep packets of… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Italian Comfort Food

TODAY on MHTV: The traditional Italian recipes I grew up with will always rank high on my list of the most comforting meals to make my own family and friends. My friend Randi Harris, a new mother, is stopping by to learn a few of my favorites: a cozy chicken livornese, braised in a rich stew… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Minestrone Soup

TODAY on MHTV: I’m making the mother of all soups: minestrone. The flavor gets built from the bottom up: I sauté onions and garlic and add other veggies like zucchini, cauliflower, and tomatoes. To really give this soup an extra flavor boost, toss in a Parmesan cheese rind– adding one of these in a soup… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Chinese Take-Out

TODAY on MHTV: Chinese take-out may be easy on a busy night, but it’s surprisingly easy to whip up – plus you’ll wind up saving a few bucks (and unnecessary calories). Today Calder and I are making healthier versions some of our favorite Chinese takeout dishes: sweet and crunchy sesame chicken, pork fried rice and… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Fondue Night

TODAY on MHTV: Fondue is a great make ahead dish for any entertaining event, leaving you to mingle with guests rather than parked over a hot stove. Miles is here to help me make my lighter version of Fondue Bourginnone: pan-seared cubes of beefs served with 3 no-cook dipping sauces. Roasted vegetables or chunks of… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Busy Day Breakfast

TODAY on MHTV: In the morning rush of to-dos, breakfast is often the first thing dropped from the list. But it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to whip up my nutritious “milk and cookies” smoothie, swirled with crushed English biscuits and peanut butter. My creamy spiced oatmeal is ready in 15, and if… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Healthy Breakfast

TODAY on MHTV: Some mornings you just know you’re going to need an extra boost to make it through ’til lunchtime – without overloading on anything too sugary. A bagel smeared with yogurt spread (skip the fatty cream cheese) and topped with tomato, onion, and lettuce will do the trick. For a late morning snack… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Eggs for Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: There’s no reason eggs should only be associated with breakfast. Try adding eggs to your lunch or dinner repertoire. My grande pizza omelet, (an open-faced omelet named by the 4th grade class I recently visited), will easily feed a hungry crowd. To keep things healthy, I add Swiss chard and cheddar cheese and… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Happy Accidents – Recipes for Leftovers

TODAY on MHTV: You’ve heard me say it before, leftovers should never go to waste. Even if you think your ingredients are random, think it over for a few minutes and I bet you’ll come up with a tasty and unique idea. Extra spaghetti and tomato sauce makes an awesome snack when you fry it;… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Put an Egg On It

TODAY on MHTV: Eggs – delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Calder is with me today and we’re making 3 dishes that all have eggs! I’m topping fluffy pecan pancakes with a poached egg (plus a side of bacon, of course). For a satisfying lunch, we’re making the ultimate grilled ham and cheese sandwich with… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: First Date Dinner Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Having three sons, it’s inevitable that girlfriends are going to enter the picture. When I once heard Calder talking about take-out options for an upcoming date night, I had to intervene immediately. I wanted him to learn a simple menu that he could make (and that any date would love) – a… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Summer Classics

TODAY on MHTV: Even if you can’t get to the beach this summer, try putting together a simple seaside menu in your own home – with a twist. My inside-out lobster roll is bun-less, subbing crunchy, toasted Brioche croutons on the side instead. While fresh clams steam in a white wine broth, cool off with… View Article