Shopping, part 2

A Few More Tips

up and down the market aisles
  • Onions, garlics and shallots are your flavor foundations. And, along with carrots and celery (long lasters in the fridge), are the trio the form the basis for so many savory dishes. Always toss a couple of these items into you grocery cart. Ditto lemons and limes.
  • Salad making will be so much easier to deal with if you thoroughly clean the greens as soon as you bring them home, wrap in a clean towel and refrigerate. Not only will you be more likely to make that salad but NOTHING is better to than cold crispy, grit-free greens in a salad.
  • If you’re feeding a large group, buy a large can of olive oil, and decant for daily use. Safflower oil is a great choice for frying. Vinegars are imperative.
  • Skip the sodas and sugary juices. Unless making a specialized cocktail, the calories and extra sugar isn’t worth it. Water, sparkling water, teas; hot and cold, and coffee (in moderation) are best. Keep a list in the fridge, or in your phone and keep it updated.
  • Potatoes, rice and pasta will support or stretch and saucey, meaty meal.
  • Beans, dried and canned need to be your new best friend. A little goes such a long way, and can be seasoned up in a zillion different ways.
  • Eggs are essential. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack,  eggs are those awesome little protien bundles that are the workhorses of the kitchen.