Meet Luca

Third Born Son

Senior Social-Life Manager

Luca likes to work. After a youth devoted to athletic discipline, and sneaker dealing, he’s held jobs in fashion, food, and focus groups (okā€”those are one offs for pure cash). Currently a college student, Luca cooks his dinner at home and snap chats about it at madhungryeats. He loves a well made salad (and always has), even while chowing down on a giant pork chop. Luca will never miss a chance to invite his friends over to eat..and drink…and hang out…repeat. He likes making his own flavored vodka, to give away as gifts but finds it hard to resist first tasting it himself. Arsenal football club has his heart, and also the skin on his lower left rib cage with a tattoo of their motto “Victoria Concordia Crescit.” Currently, he’s saving his money to get back to the Emirates stadium in North London for a match and a proper English breakfast.