Meet Richie

The Chair-Man

Popalops with the last of his litter

Comfortable and full of swagger, RJQ aka Richie aka Dickie aka Tony aka DDB, is a one-of-a-kind original and follower of none. With a larger than life personality, and fierce appetites—there’s no greater appreciator of a really good meal. He’s the melange-king, meaning that his favorite thing to cook for himself is a ground beef, onion, green pepper, cumin and olive mash-up. It’s some kind of past life thing, a favorite dish not shared by his wife Lucinda. Fiercely protective of his privacy—that’s about all we can say except that he’d like it to be publicly known that he is the responsible for naming Lucinda’s third book (which until that moment had a working title “The Man Book”—yep, we agree, definitely needed work): When he noticed a random utterance from one son, while hanging off the door of an open fridge, that he was “mad hungry and looking for something to eat,” Richie told his wife, “there’s the name of your book.”