Believe in the Power of Home Cooking

Just Do It

We believe that if you cook for the ones you love in your life, and teach them how to cook, they will pass it on. Cooking good-for-you and feel-good food is as important as ever in this insane world we live in today. The secret rites of the kitchen need not be a mystery. Slowly build your specialized cooking knowledge, day after day. Eventually the spirit will take hold. Give yourself a reason to cook, for whatever idea is the most persuasive: be it for economics, physical well-being, emotional or spiritual wellness. There are few greater skills that one can acquire than the ability to nourish yourself and others. By the way, you are NOT too busy to cook! If you wake up and breathe every day, can stand on your own two feet, and can scrape together a few ingredients and pieces of equipment, within a small workspace, then you can do it! Sautée that onion, scramble those eggs, hell, why not slow roast a pork shoulder—ANYTHING—Just jump right in. Home cooking feels good, is healthier, and cheaper, and tastes better than processed food. It also liberates you from the angst-ridden daily choices that scream low-fat, low-salt, high-carb, low-carb, artificially sweetened or, worse, promise better health (i.e. all natural) where there is none. Just cook good honest food, and the rest will take care of itself.