Recipes from Today’s Show: Authentic Albanian Family Recipes

  TODAY on MHTV: My friend Milot’s mom, Maggie, makes the most amazing spinach pie I’ve ever tasted. She uses homemade phyllo dough (!) in her version, but she’s letting me simplify the recipe with store-bought dough. We’re also making kadaif, a sweet dessert of shredded phyllo dough and lemon syrup, and addictive Turkish coffee…. View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Albanian Family Recipes

TODAY on MHTV: Have you ever eaten something and HAD to have the recipe? That’s what happened when my friend, Milot, shared a slice of spinach pie with me. Called Byrek Mi Spinaq in Albanian, it’s stuffed with a creamy spinach filling and layered between sheets of buttery phyllo dough— it’s super easy to make;… View Article