Recipes from Today’s Show: Easy Indian

TODAY on MHTV: I came up with this menu after riffing on some delicious food Luca and I had at an Indian restaurant in the city. To make it easy on myself at home, I decided to braise chicken thighs in a rich tomato sauce and serve it with a side of vegetable biryani; similar… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Thanksgiving Sides

TODAY on MHTV: Even though the turkey gets all the glory on Thanksgiving, this holiday dinner would be nothing without great side dishes. My mother’s recipe for baked artichoke hearts is amazing and great for feeding a big crowd and side of braised red cabbage with apples is simple and has a great sweet and… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Short Ribs Menu

TODAY on MHTV: My method for oven-braised short ribs eliminates browning the meat and lets the oven do all the work. While the ribs hang out in the oven (add potatoes to make it a one-pan meal), you’ve got time to make a side of caramelized cauliflower that is sweet and salty with a crunchy… View Article


Luscious oven braised short ribs from Mad Hungry makes Sunday dinner painless (marinade whipped together night before or morning of), the house aroma-filled and the bellies full. Steamed broccoli de rape and rice too. But woulda used mashed potatoes or polenta as a first choice but I won’t look a rice-in-the-pantry-gift-horse in the mouth. What… View Article