Breakfast and The Oregon Coast

[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”BreakfastAndTheOregonCoast”] First things first. Check out this immaculately baked croissant from Kens Artisan Bakery. Hard and crispy on the outside, puffed up like helium yet–on the inside hollow with airy moist layers. All the reports were right–this with a cup of coffee from Stumptown–could not have been a better treat before heading out… View Article
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IACP Conference

Have arrived in Portland, Oregon for the IACP (International association of culinary professionals) conference, an annual event which has about 1,000 attendees who visit local food interests, gather for classes and lectures from noted colleagues, and gather to celebrate the cookbook awards on Thursday. Portland is a fantastic food town with phenomenal local resources. Lunch at… View Article