Wild Alaskan Salmon

Attention salmon lovers!! Did you know that 95 percent of the wild salmon harvested in the USA comes from Alaskan waters? Alaska is also the only state where sustainability is written into its constitution. To me that means one should eat wild salmon fresh while the season is upon us from June to September. And… View Article
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A Sourdough Story: Part 1

Somehow the sourdough mojo took hold of me. I wasn’t ever a sourdough shopper; seeking out good sourdough bread hasn’t been important to me. But, as of two weeks ago, making good sourdough bread is a whole different story. Seeing my third born son Luca’s newfound bread-baking practice intrigued me. He was proud of his… View Article
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Meatloaf with Staying Power

My mom was the kind of home cook who relied on a rotating weekly dinner schedule to get meals on the table for her family of six. Even by predictable standards, her line-up had some flare: roast pork on Wednesday followed by pork and vegetable stir-fry on Thursday, and the occasional experiment (hello Haddock soufflé)… View Article
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Black Beans and Rice – As Good As It Gets

It’s funny what sticks in your head as the days tumble on. Food punctuates my memories. Tabouleh, baba ganoush, spinach pie, lamb a couple ways, trumpet mushrooms, bachelor steak, banana cake, mac’n’cheese…are a few of the cooked meals conjured up this week. Home cooking and eating is what we do. Flat roast chicken, broccoli and… View Article
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Lamb, Rhubarb and Peas: Spring Has Sprung

As soon as the vernal equinox hit on March 21st—and wow did it hit hard when the ‘supermoon’ rose on the evening of March 20th—spring sprang on us and I immediately began to crave the fresh flavors associated with the season. That’s not to say that Spaghetti Bolognese isn’t cooked and eaten on a hot… View Article
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From Store-Bought to Scratch-Cooking

It’s no secret that my whole career has centered around a passion for real home cooking. Front line cooking often comes without choice, and can have restrictions; be it budget, diet, space or time. With a little practice, the task of home cooking can transform from a burden to a pleasure by changing the lens… View Article
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Thrilled to Launch Our Two New Kitchen Tools This Weekend !!!

Hi everybody! After over a year in development, I am psyched to announce the launch of two new products in our Mad Hungry line: The ‘Mad Mixer’ Multi-Function Hand Blender and the 2-piece ‘Lip & Loop’ Mixing Bowl Set. Like everything we produce, these two products have been battle-tested on the frontlines of a hardworking home… View Article
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What’s Good Wednesday: “To the Pantry Dive and Crisper Crash, an Ode”

Look up #pantrydive or #crispercrash hashtags on instagram and I’ll bet the majority of posts are from Mad Hungry. Countless are the times a family member has said to me, “there’s nothing in the house to eat!” Determined to prove them wrong (and to avoid an expensive, subpar take-out order), I stand up, take a… View Article
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What’s Good Wednesday: “A Decade Ago”

*Note: We’re introducing a new weekly newsletter / article: whatever strikes our fancy every Wednesday. Hope you guys enjoy! A Decade Ago…. The cookbook Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys was published. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it would start a business—a family business—with one of the boys referred to in the title as… View Article
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Mexican Food

It’s called Budin Azteca. My husband requests it for his birthday dinner every year. Since posting a few Instagram photos, I’ve had many queries about this dish. It’s no wonder so many folks LOVE Mexican food. Our household is no exception. The ingredients, flavors and techniques make for a very sophisticated and deeply nuanced cuisine. Even to say Mexican food is… View Article

Eat Out To Eat In

Cooking at home and eating in is what I happily do most days. Eating out is usually an adventure, rarely my first choice, and always for just a few different reasons–either inspiration or celebration–rarely in between. That means the options are either little known and affordable ethnic spots or special primo product ones. Over all… View Article
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Get on the Granola

This happens every Sunday that I am home. A big batch of granola is made to stock up for the week. First off, even at the most affordable markets, the price verses quality of packaged granola drives me completely nuts! The worse brands are too much money. And half the time it’s rancid, which is what happens… View Article

Inside out linguini with clams

Now and then a new idea hits me–and by new I mean a new way to do a favorite thing. I had a couple dozen clams, and some leftover pasta . While I was headed for Clams Casino, instead here’s what happened: roughly chop some leftover pasta (mine was already tossed in butter, lemon and parsley)…. View Article
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site under renovation but FIRST this news:

September 14, 2015 After 15 years of leading the food department for Martha Stewart, one of the most evolutionary thinkers of our time, I’ve resigned my position as SVP, Executive Editorial Director, Food and Entertaining, to build a family business of my own. My mission, which started with Mad Hungry, is to show the next generation how to… View Article
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brick cold

Our apartment is on the top of an old building–a former storage area and a layer that I’m sure wasn’t meant for human habitation. Sure, it has skylights and south, west and east views, but it’s brick cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. When its really windy outside, I’m quaking in… View Article

Valentine Eats

Yesterday at work we planned a shower for our longtime food colleague, probably the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Sweet lover that she is, we planned cakes, brownies, etc. Then it hit me, she’s a proud Oklahoma-born eater too. We changed our plans, and what a good move. The individual frito pies, used the… View Article
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Another 2014 favorite Food

Bagels I was fortunate to visit my former home city Detroit twice this year. The city is reemerging after years of hard luck. Like so many places, a food revolution is taking hold. It’s not only galvanizing folks to do interesting things everything I have tasted is also first rate delicious. The bagel pictured here… View Article
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Quinoa, what?

I just keep trying to love quinoa. I know it sounds crazy that I can not figure out how to upload an image. I keep getting all sorts of warning messages about permission etc. It doesn’t really matter, the image wasn’t that great anyway. All I mean to say is that I know I should love it–quinoa… View Article
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Cookbook Gifts

Looking for gifts? Baking Here’s a light topic to consider for my first post in over a year. If you have a friend who is either a baker or preserver, then here’s a few recommendations for you: The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is a classic that will outlive us all. Rose is a… View Article
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Superbowl: an unavoidable food opp

This year I’ve been acting sort of casual about the Superbowl menu situation. Living in NYC, where the game will be played tomorrow (well sort of NYC), should be getting me extra excited, but just like when the president’s in town, it really just boils down to a traffic nightmare for those of us coming… View Article
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