Recipes from Today’s Show: Simple Japanese Restaurant Menu

  TODAY on MHTV: I had an aha! moment at a Japanese restaurant years ago while watching my kids inhale a cold spinach appetizer as if it were some kind of salty, addictive snack. This simple menu of spinach oshitashi, steamed edamame, and seared Arctic char is inspired by the dynamite flavors of traditional Japanese… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Japanese Restaurant Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Why go out when you can stay in? My rendition of a few Japanese restaurant classics will make you happy you stayed put. Steamed edamame (protein-packed soy beans) sprinkled with sesame-sea salt are not only a super addictive app, they’re healthy too. Seared Arctic Char with a sesame-soy glaze is simple to… View Article