BECS Challenge: Semi-Finalists

Just a reminder of what the BEC options are. Cast your vote.  And, I’m really psyched for the next challenge we have cooked up too! My son Calder and the MAD Hungry Testing Team went through all of the entries and narrowed it down to 5 semi-finalists. A BIG thank-you to everyone who submitted a… View Article

The B.E.C.S. Challenge

One phrase that people love to hear is bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich (B.E.C.S.). Everyone has their own version of this classic breakfast favorite and everyone thinks their recipe reigns supreme. But I’ve got news for you—I think we make the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches around and I’m challenging YOU to a B.E.C.-off…. View Article


It seems so basic, almost like a, duh–but, creating a breakfast sandwich with some soul takes a some thoughtful technique. Now I’m not saying MH’s is the only way–it’s just that after quite a few years I know it rocks hard every time. If you’re interested in the exact method I use, check the video… View Article