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It seems so basic, almost like a, duh–but, creating a breakfast sandwich with some soul takes a some thoughtful technique. Now I’m not saying MH’s is the only way–it’s just that after quite a few years I know it rocks hard every time. If you’re interested in the exact method I use, check the video clip on the right of this blog where Martha and I make it on her show. Critical (yet not pictured here) is the wrapping in parchment and or foil. All the steam infuses the elements in total; crispy bacon, melted cheese, oozy yolk and crusted bagel or baguette with just the right texture for eating. How do you make your breakfast sandwich?
  • GardenGuyKenn December 15, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    I definitely love breakfast sandwiches, but I have to cook the egg a bit more.. it's a 'me' thing, but runny yolks just don't cut it in my book! Love the egg/cheese/bacon combo. Now, if we could only somehow get hashbrowns involved, it would be heaven!

  • Anonymous December 26, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I was inspired by the thought of this sandwich I saw on Martha when it first aired. We spend our 2nd Christmas with our daughter (22 mos.) and the last thing on my mind was prepping something for breakfast. it was just the three of us and after presents and coffee I decided to create a Lucinda inspired sammich. My husband loved it and requested another this morning…and just told me he'd like another tomorrow.2 thick slices of italian bread toasted in a skillet with butter – yum2 fried eggs with the yellow busted2 slices thick cut bacon – crispysliced montery jack cheesesalt and pepperI have to know that the butter is what makes it so darn good. thanks for the inspiration!

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