Recipes from Today’s Show: Portobello Mushroom Steaks

TODAY on MHTV @ 11:30 am ET: Thick, hearty mushrooms, like portobellos, are a great alternative to steak. Marinating them in olive oil and herbs keeps them tender and juicy while grilling, and taste great served With maple-thyme roasted carrots. For another simple side, I add goat cheese to polenta to make it extra creamy… View Article
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Recipes From Today’s Show: Elegant Weeknight Meal

TODAY on MHTV: Take a break from a busy week to prepare a nice, sit-down dinner. A marinade of red wine vinegar, rosemary and garlic not only adds a lot of flavor to chicken, it also creates a beautiful gloss on the meat as it reduces down to a sauce. On the side, smooth, creamy… View Article

MAD Hungry MY Way: Desperation Frittata

One of the keys to feeding a mad hungry family is finding random ingredients in the pantry or fridge and turning them into a full-fledged meal. We got an email from Gigi Williams who gave us a peak inside her cupboard and her “Desperation Frittata”. Check out her amazing dinner and how it came to… View Article

Recipe’s from Today’s Show: Elegant Weeknight Meal

TODAY on MHTV: One of the greatest things about fall is the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen and a fancy meal on a week night is not as hard to prepare as you might think.  Rosemary and vinegar infused chicken is a cinch to make thanks to a simple marinade. On the… View Article