MAD Hungry MY Way: Desperation Frittata

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One of the keys to feeding a mad hungry family is finding random ingredients in the pantry or fridge and turning them into a full-fledged meal. We got an email from Gigi Williams who gave us a peak inside her cupboard and her “Desperation Frittata”. Check out her amazing dinner and how it came to be below:

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“Last week there was a torrential thunderstorm where we live.  I reached into my cupboard for a key ingredient for the dinner I had planned and it wasn’t there… Urgh! Unable to face a trip out in the storm for one ingredient, we had what is called, in our house, Desparation Frittata – whatever is in the fridge which on this occasion was Ham (a nice Niman Ranch Jambon – lucky), Mushrooms, leftover Orchiette with a tomato/pork sausage ragu, (dried) herbs, eggs and cheese.”

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  • Cathy October 12, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Love you Luncinda!
    Your recipes are FANTASTIC!
    You are practical, give great cooking tips, and the no fuss is the best!
    I am a “foodie”…including the addiction to cooking shows and you are by far the best friend to every real-life mom out here!
    Thank you!

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