Recipes from Today’s Show: Put an Egg On It

TODAY on MHTV: Eggs – delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Calder is with me today and we’re making 3 dishes that all have eggs! I’m topping fluffy pecan pancakes with a poached egg (plus a side of bacon, of course). For a satisfying lunch, we’re making the ultimate grilled ham and cheese sandwich with… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Cast Iron

Today on MHTV: anyone that knows me knows how much I love my cast iron pans. Today I’m dedicating a whole show to these awesome and versatile pans with recipe like steak pizzaiola, pineapple upside-down cake and the perfect fried egg. Get the recipes from this episode: The Perfect Fried Egg Steak Pizzaiola Pineapple Upside-Down… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Put an Egg on It

TODAY on MHTV: How do you make a good meal even better? Put an egg on it! CQ’s here and we’re topping pecan pancakes with a perfect, protein-packed egg. Add bacon and syrup and you’re in sweet-and-savory heaven. Then, we crown the ultimate ham-and-cheese sandwich (aka, a croque madame) with a fried egg. Finally, spicy… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes

TODAY on MHTV: Cast-iron pans are really versatile tools in the kitchen. They can go from the stove, to the oven, to the table and it doesn’t matter what you make in them; they’re great for cooking or baking. Plus you get iron added to your diet just through the cooking process. After I show… View Article