Recipes from Today’s Show: First Date Dinner Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Having three sons, it’s inevitable that girlfriends are going to enter the picture. When I once heard Calder talking about take-out options for an upcoming date night, I had to intervene immediately. I wanted him to learn a simple menu that he could make (and that any date would love) – a… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Restaurant Food at Home

TODAY on MHTV: Shrimp Scampi is a solid restaurant-style meal that’s easier to make in your own kitchen than you think. Add a Caesar salad, one of LQ’s top choices (he prefers sans-anchovies) and for a simple side that you can make in advance, bread with homemade herb butter is great (and makes a great… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Restaurant Food at Home

TODAY on MHTV: We all have our fave go-to spots for dining out—for me it’s anything Italian—but sometimes you just want to have that delicious restaurant meal in your own home. To get things going, toasted herb-buttered bread; use it to soak up the sauce from succulent shrimp scampi. Serve it with a creamy egg-based… View Article