Recipes from Today’s Show: The Perfect Chicken Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: It’s training day here in the Quinn house and I’m teaching CQ one of the most important skills to have in your culinary arsenal: how to roast a chicken.  As usual when we cook chicken, we’re cooking in pairs; both birds are rubbed with herb butter and shallots and roasted on top… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Restaurant Food at Home

TODAY on MHTV: We all have our fave go-to spots for dining out—for me it’s anything Italian—but sometimes you just want to have that delicious restaurant meal in your own home. To get things going, toasted herb-buttered bread; use it to soak up the sauce from succulent shrimp scampi. Serve it with a creamy egg-based… View Article


This is it–the star of our Christmas dinner, an 8 ribber prime rib roast. I have written about our menu at One year several years ago-I made this menu. I guess it was an impressionable year for the boys because I’ve never been able to make anything else since. There are never enough Yorkshire… View Article
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Ok, first things first. Lets get the Thomas Keller Bouchon Beverly Hills opening out of the way. One free night in L.A and we went there. Red carpet, celebrities, photog’s galore etc. but it’d be way too L.A. to name them all. What I do care about is the kitchen, the legendary efficiency etc, all… View Article