Recipes from Today’s Show: July 4th BBQ

TODAY on MHTV: July 4th is this weekend and we are ready to celebrate! I’m basting grilled chicken with my homemade figgy bbq sauce—it’s a little sweet and a little sour and tastes great on all kinds of meat, not just chicken.  A from-scratch mayonnaise is an easy, all-purpose mix-in for potato salads, coleslaws, and… View Article
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Fourth of July Celebration

[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”FourthofJuly”] For me, Memorial day marks the beginning of summer and is celebrated with the grill. Come 4th of July, I take a break from the hot coals and hit the coast. My mom lives by the beach in Massachusetts & my brothers and I try to descend on “Glousta” at least once… View Article
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