Get in the Game and #MakeItEpic

Watch Now: Fowl on the Play Hi Folks, As you probably know, ONE week from now is the biggest tailgating/beerbecueing/football-frenzied game grub day of the year: the superbowl! I’m not a huge fan of specific teams, perse, but for those of you that have followed this blog in years past (I’m talking about you Game… View Article

Epic Game Day Eats for Sunday

It’s kind of awesome for me to announce that I’m participating in the Visa/NFl Make It Epic Campaign. For any TV viewer not living under a rock—you’ve proably glimpsed the Epic action while watching the football games. Truthfully, football has generally fallen under the “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” category my whole life. And… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Game Day

TODAY on MHTV:If it’s one thing my boys love, it’s football! Calder’s here today to help make some grub for the game. If beer isn’t your thing, my take on a tequila sunrise is a perfect “sub” that tastes as good as it looks. Stageline chili gets a hit of Jamaican heat from scotch bonnet… View Article

MH Game Grub Inspiration Pt. 2: Lo’s Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football was always something my dad and brothers were huge fans of and I never understood; I liked it more for the commercials and the hype than actually paying attention to the game. As I got older, something clicked. I know the exact moment I became a football fan: 2008 when the Giants played the… View Article


Confession: American football is not my favorite sport although I do love football (as in soccer). Both kinds of football dominate our house. And no fall weekend is devoid of either. Usually, I take the time to see a movie, shop, chill with a friend or just do about any other activity other than football…. View Article