Mad Hungry Cravings Party

 [picasa username=”MadHungryLSQ” albumname=”MadHungryCravingsBookParty”]   I received a message from my son this morning about hot sauce which has caused me to reflect on the party that kicked off our summer–The Mad Hungry Cravings book party. We made the MHCravings Paw Paw Pepper sauce to put in our goodie bags. Turns out, this several weeks later,… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Hot Sauce

Today on MHTV: We love hot sauce in my family, and with good reason! It’s a great addition to meals that easily adds flavor. Today’s show is all about the Quinn family’s favorite condiment: New-Orleans style beans, crunchy sesame chicken wings and my own easy-to-make hot sauce. For the hot-sauce weary: although my boys love… View Article

The Heat is on!

TUNE IN to MAD Hungry Today for recipes that turn up the heat-I’ll be making new-orleans style beans, white rice and eggs and crunchy sesame chicken wings with my family’s favorite condiment, hot sauce. Only on HALLMARK: 11/10c— click to the right to check out what channel Hallmark is by you. Hot sauce is a… View Article


Came home tonight and My hubs had made one of his signature dishes, Crunch Sesame Chicken Wings. And they were so beyond good I could not believe it. Yes, I had to pin him down when it came to writing the recipe since he usually is a riffing type of cook. BUT–I noticed Mad Hungry… View Article
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Red Hot Wings

[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”RedHotWings510″] Such a fantastic extended family weekend. So many meals to cook, so many great cooks in the house and so little time! Here baby bro mans the grill for his hot wings, a double dipping situation in which the wings slow smoke for a while, then are dipped in a hot sauce,… View Article


Confession: American football is not my favorite sport although I do love football (as in soccer). Both kinds of football dominate our house. And no fall weekend is devoid of either. Usually, I take the time to see a movie, shop, chill with a friend or just do about any other activity other than football…. View Article


image rephotographed from Quenting Bacon’sAm making hot sauce from the plethora of chilis growing in my humble little container garden. Published in both Jamaican books, this sauce recipe is spicy with a hint of sweet and a nice acid/salt balance–everything you want in a hot sauce. Mango can replace pawpaw (papaya) too. And, habanero can… View Article
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