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Ok, first things first. Lets get the Thomas Keller Bouchon Beverly Hills opening out of the way. One free night in L.A and we went there. Red carpet, celebrities, photog’s galore etc. but it’d be way too L.A. to name them all. What I do care about is the kitchen, the legendary efficiency etc, all of which was on display as guests filed down the “line” to get nibbles from the menu, typical bistro fare, executed to perfection, natch. The coolest part was the bread room where the baker gave lessons (me taking one above) on bread baking (forming the loaves) which were than baked and given back to us as favors. Btw, Mr. Keller and I share the same editor and publisher and I can tell you one thing: when it comes to this town Mr. Keller is KING and little ole Mad Hungry is not Queen. Whatev. SO,

Redeeming our little M.H. world, the next morning we went to meet kind, generous Julie at womanwine in Hollywood at lunchtime for a cooking demo, making the humble pork chops, apples and onion dish —so easy and delicious. No fuss but way high flav. And we finished off our day at the wonderful cooking school/shop, Lets Get Cookin’ in Westlake Village. Phyllis and her staff have been hosting chefs and cookbook authors for years–all the most revered teacher/cooks, so it was an honor to be there. We had a great crowd, demo’d Marinated Hangar Steak, Creamed Spinach, Italian fries and Apple Crisp. The folks were very happy with their dinner and I enjoyed the interaction, questions, comments and collaboration with the cooks there too. Collapsed back at the hotel and prepared to jet out of there which we did early this a.m. Landed in S.F. this morning to beautiful sunny and cool weather and I can’t hide my love of this town and the excitement I have being here. This aft, visited ABC’s View From The Bay and cooked Cold Sesame Noodles with Spencer Christian (former NYC TV man) and his cohost Janelle. The whole vibe there was relaxed and warm. Draeger’s market St. Mateo hosted MH for an early eve signing. This is another cool market a la Wegman’s where you only wish to shop if this was your neighb. Thanks to all who came out. Dinner at Zuni and demo tomorrow at the Ferry market before (lunch) and an evening flight to Seattle. More on S.F. tomorrow.
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