Recipes From Today’s Show: Easy BBQ Menu

TODAY on MHTV: My family loves BBQ—really, who doesn’t?—with a little make ahead prep, it’s perfect for a weeknight meal. I soak pork shoulder chops in a flavorful beer-infused marinade to keep them juicy, then brush them with a tangy BBQ sauce before I toss them on the grill. For some green, a crunchy kale… View Article
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Recipes From Today’s Show: Fried Chicken

TODAY on MHTV: All the Quinn boys are here and we’re making not one, but two kinds of fried chicken. My favorite version, Miss Lamie’s Jamaican fried chicken has an unusual method but is so delish, and, classic Southern-style chicken goes more traditional with a buttermilk/hot sauce marinade. On the side, I’m cooking up fresh… View Article

Week Night Dinner

How happy I was to come home to dinner tonight–shopped for and cooked by hubs. Served and cleaned up for by first born son. SOmetimes–SOMEtimes things work out how you hoped and prayed they might. All that training, and I do mean good home training pays off now and then. THanks boyzzz. All recipes from… View Article
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Not to beat a dead cabbage but–this variety of cabbage which behaves like kale is kind of insane as pointed out on yesterdays MH FB page post by Kempe Minifie (former executive food editor Gourmet magazine). Should you have a garden, I recommend getting these seeds. Unlike most other cabbages, there is so little water… View Article
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