Recipes From Today’s Show: Pork Chops Menu

TODAY on MHTV: We’ve heard how much many of you liked the pork chops and onions recipe so here it is again! Pork chops are a classic dinner time meal and today I’m giving them a big flavor boost by adding apples and onions to the mix. CQ is here to help me too; on… View Article
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Recipes from Today’s Show: St. Patrick’s Day

TODAY on MHTV: Many families cook a traditional Irish meal on St. Patrick’s Day, and this year I’m joining in. Normally, corned beef takes a long time to prepare so I came up with my own version that’s not brined, pickled, boiled or dyed; I call it “uncorned” beef. A slow braise in beer and… View Article

When You Think THere’s No Food in The House to Cook

[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”NothingInTheHouseToCookRedCabbagePasta”] It happens to all of us. We get home-from work or whatever. You think you have no food , no plans but its 7:00, there are hungry people around you and even if you order pizza or Chinese, it’ll take too long. The guys were defeated and I almost too but I… View Article
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Not to beat a dead cabbage but–this variety of cabbage which behaves like kale is kind of insane as pointed out on yesterdays MH FB page post by Kempe Minifie (former executive food editor Gourmet magazine). Should you have a garden, I recommend getting these seeds. Unlike most other cabbages, there is so little water… View Article
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