Apparently breakfast tacos and Migas are must eat breakfast choices when in Austin. So we had both plus, natch and we chose to eat at Cisco’s, another Austin institution. Migas is a melange consisting of tortilla chips fried with onion, tomatoes and scrambled in egg with melted cheese. Phew. It’s very similar to the Mexican… View Article
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Yes folks: sausage, bacon, baked beans, toast, egg and griddled tomato. Yes, this was eaten by a teenage boy several hours before his soccer tournament. (The foolproof fried egg technique from Mad Hungry was not followed by him). I wanted to add mushrooms too but he was like, no thanks. And, here’s the thing–it was… View Article
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Basically fried egg on any leftover works for this boys breakfast. The fried egg technique in Mad Hungry works like a charm to avoid a gooby, runny top and overcooked bottom. Seems like a big duh but have heard from a few folks who claim to have finally fried the perfect egg.
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It seems so basic, almost like a, duh–but, creating a breakfast sandwich with some soul takes a some thoughtful technique. Now I’m not saying MH’s is the only way–it’s just that after quite a few years I know it rocks hard every time. If you’re interested in the exact method I use, check the video… View Article


For anyone who doesn’t know, breakfast must be eaten by emerging beings, especially the boy variety. If you make it they will come. When they eat it they will know: functionality improves. It took years of crappy cereal buying to realize the value of homemade granola. Ingredients can be controlled and slightly varied for weekly… View Article
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