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Apparently breakfast tacos and Migas are must eat breakfast choices when in Austin. So we had both plus, natch and we chose to eat at Cisco’s, another Austin institution. Migas is a melange consisting of tortilla chips fried with onion, tomatoes and scrambled in egg with melted cheese. Phew. It’s very similar to the Mexican eggs in Mad Hungry except that the tortilla chips are fried along with everything else instead of crumbled on top. And, I love it this way. Another dish I’ve never eaten in its native location–migas is delicious. Instead of bacon or sausage it was ordered with fajita-a slab of well seasoned beefy skirt type steak. Btw, not sure why but the beef here has the most delicious beefy flavor. Could it be a locavore thing? And, we threw in a chorizo egg breakfast taco just to taste too. Remember folks this is the home of Mad Hungry! Then, just tip the scale further they serve your meal with BOTH tortillas and biscuits. WHAATT? And, check the biscuits. They are the fluffiest, softest little hot bundles of deliciousness! And, when I couldn’t find the butter pats and asked a waitress, she pointed to a mustard squeeze top plastic bottle on the table sitting next to a clear one as if to say, duh! the butter is in the squeeze bottle next to the honey. Now this is just plain cruel ’cause-who’s gonna pass this up-even if you’re stuffed! And, another thing I realized is that I‘ve been drinking too much fancy strong coffee in my NYC home. This plain old fashioned thinnish Joe was such a great accompaniment to this meal. And, lots of water. Yes, I am starting to worry a little about my middle tummy but I know I’ll be back to the hour morning dog walks and general everyday life craziness soon enough. But, we did get some walking in after this breakfast. And, this is also a crazy biking city with so many places to bike and hike. Gentle rolling hills are also a part of the urban geography here so if you’re a biker or outdoorsperson this would be a wonderful spot to vacation too. Btw, we did take a long walk along Lady Bird Lake after this crazy heart breakfast.

Other stops: non food and will post pics if there is interest
Lady Bird Lake: beautiful walking/jogging and dog walking/dog swimming locale. We went to see the statue of guitar legend and national treasure Stevie Ray Vaughn http://www.nileguide.com/destination/austin/trips/live-music-capital-of-the-world-tour/2656
Uncommon Objects: one of the coolest flea type “antique malls” unreal vintage collection.
founded 18 years ago by artist Steve Wiman who curates most of the little nooks by color but has other contributers too. I bought a vintage locket complete with an original story-written all-over-her-face old, old photo inside .
Allen Boots: got hub an old school raw denim 100% cotton Wrangler snap shirt for $24 in a large enough size rarely sold in normal stores. A huge selection of boots, hats and western wear.
Yard Dog: totally interesting collection of regional art from primitive to modern. gallery@yarddog.com
Cutie Pies: Mobile pie lady and that will be a whole post of its own soon.
Central Market: Ditto. This hands down one of the most real markets anywhere. Only sorry I’m not cooking here. Another post on this forthcoming. Fresh produce absolutely beautiful. This weekend a citrus festival with so many
varieties to choose from including TX pink stem-on grapefruit.
Waterloo Records: yes, made another stop for Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and favorite new discovery Sarah Jarosz. The guy who helped me has worked there 10 years. Yes, selling music, old school is actually a respectable and fun career here!
Continental Club: more inspiring live music.
Polvo’s: tequila, margaritas, and fantastic salsas and, yes–another MEAL.
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