When You Think THere’s No Food in The House to Cook

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It happens to all of us. We get home-from work or whatever. You think you have no food , no plans but its 7:00, there are hungry people around you and even if you order pizza or Chinese, it’ll take too long. The guys were defeated and I almost too but I just can’t eat cereal for dinner.

So, here’s were the pantry comes in handy. There seems to always be pasta in there. In the fridge? Not so many options except a half a red cabbage. Bacon, too is always in the fridge, onions too and even if there was nothing else this would have worked. But, here’s how it goes. In olive oil goes the chopped onions, sliced bacon and a good hit of hot chili flakes. Cook until the fat is rendered. Add 2 cloves minced garlic and about a teaspoon of julienned lemon rind. Add shredded cabbage, cook until tender and soft. Add handful of currants (they were in the freezer, could of been golden raisins or not at all). But the sweet note was good. Next, deglaze with red wine vinegar. Cook down. Meanwhile boil the pasta, reserve some water and add it to the cabbage. Add some milk or cream and a bunch of grated Parm. Toss. I drank a glass of wine with it–an Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc. Value, flavor deliciousness. I try to keep a mixed case of wine in the cupboard for cooking and drinking.

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