Recipes From Today’s Show: Italian Comfort Food

TODAY on MHTV: Thanksgiving was great but it’s time for a break from the turkey. I’m making some of my favorite comfort foods including polpette (Italian meatloaf), a simple and healthy side of steamed spinach and chunky mashed potatoes mixed with ricotta cheese for extra flavor. My great Aunt Carolina’s wine taralli cookies get a… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Chicken Parmesan

TODAY on MHTV: Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite things to make for Sunday dinner; I prep everything in the morning and then assemble and bake it right before we’re about to eat.  The chicken is breaded in homemade breadcrumbs—they’re really easy, fast and add a lot more flavor than the store-bought stuff. To… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Freezable Make-Ahead Recipes

TODAY on MHTV: When there’s a little extra time during the week, it’s a great opportunity make meals in advance. Chicken pocket pies are loaded with flavor and go straight from freezer to oven—they’re an awesome alternative to the store-bought version that is overpriced and full of preservatives. Pot sticker dumplings take just a few… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Roasted Chicken Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: I probably make roast chicken once a week; the juicy, golden brown birds (I make 2 chickens at a time to make sure I have enough for everyone plus extra for sandwiches the next day) are rubbed with herbs and lemons. On the side, braised collard greens with bacon and my husband… View Article

MH My Way Monday: Chicken

Spatchcocked Chicken from Ami. Gets ‘em every time. Check out her blog, From the Bookshelf, for a step-by-step. Here is my MH My Way: Flat Roasted Chicken. Absolutely fabulous!

Recipes from Today’s Show: Southern Cooking

TODAY on MHTV: Even though I’m from up North, I’m a big fan of Southern food and was inspired to whip up this down-home menu of fried chicken and hearty sides. It’s a pretty classic Southern spread starting out with ice cold spearmint juleps and pimento cheese and crackers, except my fried chicken isn’t fried… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Light and Easy

Today on MHTV: Sometimes you just want something light for dinner and don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen all night. Healthy and fast—no joke, it takes less than 5 min to cook—my lemon-thyme chicken paillards get their great flavor from a basic marinade. I like to serve it with an arugula salad that… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Chicken Milanese

TODAY on MHTV: Calder is here to help me make a classic Italian dish—tender and juicy Chicken Milanese. I like to serve this with Spaghetti Pomodoro; Pomodoro is a very basic sauce that really focuses on using just a few (but the best) ingredients and can be applied to just about anything that requires a… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Kid-Friendly Menu

TODAY on MHTV: My nieces Callie and Bella Scala will be helping me in the kitchen with a meal that’s great as an easy dinner before you take the kids out trick-or-treating this weekend. Pasta wheels and cheese spooned into paper cups are great on-the-go and a healthy helping of chicken tenders with herb-buttermilk dressing… View Article

MAD Hungry MY Way: Chicken and Dumplings

This MAD Hungry MY Way entry comes from a Facebook post from Robert Dorsey. He whipped up MAD Hungry Chicken and Dumplings with beets and spinach; looks pretty delicious from here!
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Recipes from Today’s Show: Chicken & Dumplings

Today on MHTV: It’s starting to get cool here in NY and a hearty dinner is the perfect antidote for coming in from the cold. Starting off the meal is a soup so filling that it’s on its way to being a stew; it’s full of tender chicken and fluffy herb dumplings. Follow that up… View Article

Recipe’s from Today’s Show: Elegant Weeknight Meal

TODAY on MHTV: One of the greatest things about fall is the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen and a fancy meal on a week night is not as hard to prepare as you might think.  Rosemary and vinegar infused chicken is a cinch to make thanks to a simple marinade. On the… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Jamaican Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: When I want to make something different for dinner, I reach for my Jamaican recipes.  The ingredients and flavors in a dish like sautéed Callaloo-style greens really stand out, especially next to Curry Chicken. And if I really want to feel like I’m in Jamaica, a banana daiquiri sends me there in… View Article

Recipe’s from Today’s Show: Chicken Chili Menu

TODAY on MHTV: I’d always been a chili purist (all beef, no beans) and was never satisfied with substitutions- that is, until I challenged myself with chicken. My beef-chili only hubby deemed this his “new favorite”– Try my chicken chili that’s got all the heart, soul and flavor of the original.  For dinner tonight, top… View Article

MAD Hungry MY Way: Lo’s Spatchcocked Chicken with Pears & Mustard Sauce

I get tons of feedback on here and on facebook about people making the MAD Hungry recipes or their riffs on them. We’re going to start a new part of the blog where we show YOUR Mad Hungry Meals. Send your pics, riffs and stories to & we’ll post! Below is from my fellow… View Article
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Week Night Dinner

How happy I was to come home to dinner tonight–shopped for and cooked by hubs. Served and cleaned up for by first born son. SOmetimes–SOMEtimes things work out how you hoped and prayed they might. All that training, and I do mean good home training pays off now and then. THanks boyzzz. All recipes from… View Article
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[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”RoastChickenAndPotatoes710″] Roasting a perfect chicken is a never ending quest. Even many chefs, when testing new candidates for a cooking job give them this task to. As a home cook, it seems like I’ve made thousands. For a while there I had to get food out so quickly to the hungry hoards that… View Article
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It is impossible to describe what it means for me to have a new stove. All of you must think I have the latest and the greatest of all appliances in my home. Truth is, I have the oldest, the worst, the last legs-until-there’s-nothing -left appliances. All these boys of mine: their education, athletics, medical… View Article
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Came home tonight and My hubs had made one of his signature dishes, Crunch Sesame Chicken Wings. And they were so beyond good I could not believe it. Yes, I had to pin him down when it came to writing the recipe since he usually is a riffing type of cook. BUT–I noticed Mad Hungry… View Article
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Red Hot Wings

[picasa username=”lsq713″ albumname=”RedHotWings510″] Such a fantastic extended family weekend. So many meals to cook, so many great cooks in the house and so little time! Here baby bro mans the grill for his hot wings, a double dipping situation in which the wings slow smoke for a while, then are dipped in a hot sauce,… View Article