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Roasting a perfect chicken is a never ending quest. Even many chefs, when testing new candidates for a cooking job give them this task to. As a home cook, it seems like I’ve made thousands. For a while there I had to get food out so quickly to the hungry hoards that I’d spatch cock the bird (remove the backbone)–otherwise known as Flat Roasted chicken in the Mad Hungry cookbook (a recipe many folks have been making too, I hear).

It cuts the cooking time by 20 minutes. Meanwhile, what makes this chicken here so amazing is the bread that is used as its cooking platform. About five pieces of day old whole wheat bread are gathered together, salted, peppered and olive oiled to form a raft for the chicken. As the bird roasts, the bread soaks up the chicken juices making it sort of soft in the middle but also crunchy around the edges. It is one of my most favorite guilty eating pleasures. The 3-pound bird was stuffed with a quartered lemon, seasoned and cooked at 425 for 55 minutes. For a side, oven roasted organic French new potatoes (share the same oven)–beautifully colored and tasting like the essence of potato. They were expensive at the farmers market but worth it. And, if I had a big garden, I’d grow them. On the plate I also served a plop of fresh made pepper jelly; a spicy sweet accent for the salty savory chicken. Nothing more but a fresh green salad made this basic, simple meal memorable.

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  • GardenGuyKenn July 19, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Sometimes simple is the best. Roast chicken is a "Sunday Supper" go-to.

  • LUCINDA SCALA QUINN July 19, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Good to hear from you Ken.Best, LSQ

  • Lauriek July 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    What a great meal to cook in the new stove! We've been in a travel trailer for two weeks, I'm thankful to be back to my real stove, I think I'll roast a chicken this weekend!BTW, we went from Buffalo, NY to Eastport, ME by way of Burlington, VT and stopped at Shelburne Farms to buy cheese and chase chickens(didn't catch any, though, just found eggs) great fun!

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