Eggs day and night

Really you cant beat a carton of eggs for the gift that just keeps on giving. For a quick dinner the Broccoli Francese; some steamed broccoli (the last of the week veg) gets glued together with a grated Parm and pepper-enriched egg mixture.  With some buttered toast and a wing and a prayer you have… View Article
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Mussels and Oysters

Mussels are the national dish of Belgium and also ubiquitous in its neighboring country of Holland. Moules Frites is a dish of seasoned steamed mussels with a side of fries to dip in mayonnaise. And, don’t call them french fries either in this part of the world. Apparently they did not originate there at all…. View Article
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Soul to Sole

Our last couple days in Amsterdam means getting as much in as possible: flower market, flea market, fish market and herring stands, For a city surrounded by water with the sea at close hand, its a place any fish lover dreams of. We were sent to the wonderful fish house Lucius where amongst other deliciousness… View Article
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Bruges, Chocolate, and Waterzooi

[picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”BrugesChocolateAndWaterzooi”] We took a day trip (3 hours from Amsterdam) to the amazing medieval city of Bruges, a city as bustling as London in the 15th century filled with gilded architecture, canals, mussels, beer, chocolate and gorgeous northern light. It didn’t take long to get our fist hit of chocolate–a modern take on the Belgium waffle–hot off… View Article

Poffertjes (pancakes)

[picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”PoffertjesPancakes”] The street market at Albert Cuyp, Amsterdams largest open air market has many really cool finds: fish, vegetables, fabrics, clothing, antiques and Dutch and ethnic street food (my favorite!!). This is the first time I’ve had proferrtjes; puffy little pancakes served piping hot off the griddle. The vendor Andre makes them at… View Article

Food and Painting

[picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”FoodAndPainting”] The best food pictures in magazine, cookbooks and film not only have the most authentic and honestly cooked food but also employ the most masterful use of light and color. Some of the most inspiring images of to me have always been the works of the Dutch Masters whose work I have… View Article

Van Gogh, Artecasa and Cafe Schiller

[picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”VanGoghArtecasaAndCafeShiller”] This day began our few days of an art 360. We visited the Hermitage, which is housing the tempororary ‘Son of Holland’ artist, Vincent Van Gogh and Rose had her tea amongst the fresh sunflowers, (the subject of Van Gogh’s famous Arles paintings). He made several of these as a welcome gift… View Article

Rijsttafel and Coconut Rose

[picasa username=”madhungrylsq” albumname=”DutchIndonesianRijsttafel”] As everyone knows, I am ravenous for all types of food knowledge, from the most basic everyday simple family cooking to the most elaborate unusual word cuisine and every day is a learning journey. Amsterdam is known for its Indonesian food and this is something I have never delved into. With something… View Article

Two Dutch Cookies

Amsterdam is really a trip. It seems as though there are more bikes and boats than cars zipping around this city, which is connected by an ancient Labyrinthian connection of canals and bridges. But there are two types of crazy good cookies that are just as good as it gets at the source. Stroopwafel are… View Article

Up, up and away…

Heading overseas with my wonderful mom Rose. I’ll keep you posted about our travels especially all the MAD good food I will surely find. To everyone who took the time to write messages of support, Thank-you. It really is encouraging to hear howany of you have learned from and been inspired by our MHTV show…. View Article
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