Recipes from Today’s Show: Indoor BBQ, Autumn Comfort, Improvisational Pantry, Cast Iron Pans

At 10AM TODAY on MHTV: Indoor BBQ. Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to BBQ. Get the recipes: Pulled Pork North Carolina BBQ Sauce Classic Coleslaw Black Tea and Citrus Pitcher Simple Grilled Peaches At 10:30AM TODAY on MHTV: Autumn Comfort.When that first hint of fall hits the… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: New York Diner Food, Road House Dinner, Restaurant Rendition, Fuss Free Weeknight

At 10AM TODAY on MHTV:  New York Diner Food. Diners are a staple in New York City and my son Calder and I are huge fans, so today we’re taking inspiration from them with some no-fuss, diner-style staples of our own. Get the recipes: Chicken Club Sandwich NYC Cheesecake Chocolate Egg Cream At 10:30AM TODAY… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Packable Lunches

TODAY on MHTV: Today we are killing two birds with one stone! If you are in a lunch rut these three hearty grain salads will be great for dinner as well as lunch the next day (the flavors only get better as it sits overnight). Carrots and celery add crunch to my barley, mushroom, and dill salad; my farro,… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Shows: Greek Night, Mexican Comida Authentica, Brazilian Feast, East Exotic Entertaining

At 10AM Today on MHTV: Whenever I have Greek food, I am instantly brought back to my childhood in Detroit when I would visit Greek Town to get authentic and delicious dishes. Today, I’m making a menu inspired by those childhood memories. Get the recipes: Greek Yogurt Cake Avgolemono Soup Greek Salad At 10:30AM Today… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Shows: New York Street Cart Food, State Fair, American Classics, Southern Cooking

At 10AM TODAY on MHTV: New York Street Cart Food. New York City has every imaginable type of street food available at any given time. My boys and I are able to get delicious eats on pretty much every corner, it is an embarrassment of riches. As you can imagine, some of the best food… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Shows: Hungry Boys, My Son’s Cravings, a Kid-Friendly Menu, and Wonder Years Dinner

At 10AM TODAY: Hungry Boys. When the after school hunger pangs hit, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “I’m starving, and there’s nothing in the house to eat!” Nine times out of 10, I can prove that theory wrong with some simple pantry ingenuity. Get the recipes: Outside-the-Box Mac and Cheese Simple Steamed… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Thai Take Out, Wontons 3 Ways, Vietnamese Take-Out, Japanese Night

At 10AM on MHTV: Thai Take Out. Today, I’m doing Thai take out at home!  I’m transforming my kitchen into a local take out joint and creating some delicious, homemade versions of Thai restaurant favorites. Get the recipes: Shrimp Pad Thai Thai Peanut Sauce Beef Satay At 10:30AM on MHTV: Wontons 3 Ways. Whether they’re boiled,… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Italian Comfort Food

TODAY on MHTV: The traditional Italian recipes I grew up with will always rank high on my list of the most comforting meals to make my own family and friends. My friend Randi Harris, a new mother, is stopping by to learn a few of my favorites: a cozy chicken livornese, braised in a rich stew… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Vegetarian Italian Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: I came home to find some beautiful fresh eggplants on the counter, so those are going into one of my recent inventions — eggplant Parm stacks. Think of it as deconstructed eggplant Parmesan, ready in half the time with twice the flavor. I’m rounding out my Italian vegetarian dinner with ricotta bruschetta, salad, and… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Healthy Burger Shack

TODAY on MHTV: My son Calder loves burgers, shakes, fries, and all the other bad-for-you goodies found at typical fast-food joints. Today he’s helping me turn these guilty pleasures into healthy revelations. We’re spiking chicken burgers with chives for extra flavor, baking potato poppers for the french fry fans, and washing it all down with strawberry-buttermilk shakes. More from the… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Girls’ Movie Night

Today on MHTV: With a house full of men, sometimes I just need a little girl time! That’s why some of my girl friends and I have instituted a “Girls’ Movie Night” in. For movie watching, I love making finger foods we can share and that are easy to eat without missing any of the… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Simple French Cooking at Home

TODAY on MHTV: With a few basic techniques, French food is easy to recreate at home. Pan-sauteed sole cooks over high heat with just a little fat, really showcasing the fish’s delicate, flakey texture. Tournéd steamed potatoes and barely touched spinach are elegant and easy sides, while coconut topped meringues for dessert couldn’t be simpler…or… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Weeknight Seafood Feast

TODAY on MHTV: Fish is a fast, flavorful meal and these three recipes are no exception. Bubbly, golden broiled oysters are sprinkled with herbs and Parmesan cheese for a dish that’s ready in just few minutes. Or, quickly prep packets of shrimp and white beans and let the oven do all the work. I also… View Article

Mad Hungry MY Way: Banana Bread

We get tons of feedback on here and on facebook about people making the Mad Hungry recipes or their riffs on them; so on Mondays we’d like to start posting Mad Hungry MY Way Mondays, a part of the mad hungry blog where we show YOUR Mad Hungry Meals. Send your Mad Hungry My Way… View Article

Recipe From Today’s Show: Breakfast Favorites

TODAY on MHTV: Many homemade breakfast foods are so much better than store-bought ones. My healthier, cheaper versions of these recipes will help start your day on the right note, from my from-scratch granola, which is what I grab most mornings, to one of my favorite meals, sausage pattiesand pancakes. More from the show. Get the recipes from this episode:… View Article
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Recipe’s From Today’s Show: Easy Indian Menu

TODAY on MHTV: This meal is full of flavor and truly easy to put together. I slow-cook chicken in an Indian-spiced sauce and on side, serve up vegetable biryani (think rice pilaf). For dessert, a no-cook bowl of macerated oranges and dates. More from the show. Get the recipes from this episode: Indian-Spiced Chicken Vegetable… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Steak House Supper

TODAY on Mad Hungry: One of the best things about a steak house dinner—besides the steak, of course—is all of the great sides that come with it! Make your kitchen prep easy with two no-cook sides: smashed tomatoes and deconstructed guacamole.  And even though the juicy, grilled Latin-style steak is a showstopper, a crunchy and… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Boy Salads

TODAY on MHTV: It’s hard to get my boys to eat salads; they’ve got to be big, hearty, and satisfying. Sausage and pepper salad is filled with two kinds of Italian sausage—sweet and spicy—and is tossed with sautéed vegetables and buttery slices of garlic crostini. Then for something quick and filling, crisp Iceberg lettuce wedges… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Elegant Weeknight Meal

TODAY on MHTV: My easy and elegant vinegar-glossed chicken is great for entertaining guests or a weeknight family dinner. I use a marinade of red-wine vinegar, rosemary, and garlic to add flavor and create a beautiful gloss on the meat, and then serve the chicken with a side of sauteed mushrooms over creamy polenta. More from… View Article

Recipes From Today’s Show: Easy BBQ Menu

TODAY on MHTV: My family loves BBQ and with a little make ahead prep, it’s perfect for a weeknight meal. I marinate pork shoulder chops in garlic, sage and some beer for a flavorful marinade that will keep them juicy, then brush them with a tangy BBQ sauce before I toss them on the grill…. View Article