Recipes from Today’s Show: Cocktail Party

Today on MHTV: Today I’ve got my cousin Paul in the kitchen with me to help me get ready to put on a stylish and fun cocktail party. Sangria is a great serve-yourself party drink that’s great if you don’t want to get stuck behind a bar. Ours is made with Rose wine, brandy, fresh… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: All-American Recipes

TODAY on MHTV: Every part of the U.S. is known for a particular kind of food, and today I’m making a few classics. Chicago dogs, a hot dog with everything on it (a.k.a. “dragged through the garden”) is a staple of the Windy City. The California cobb salad was created at the Brown Derby Restaurant in… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Easy Weeknight Entertaining

TODAY on MHTV: If you’ve got a party falling somewhere between Monday and Friday, don’t go crazy trying to pull it together. All you need is a few easy, make-ahead appetizers and you’re set. Gravlax—wild salmon cured in a fennel-infused mix—can be made up to a day or two in advance. Then I’m serving shrimp cocktail… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Brazilian Feast

TODAY on MHTV: Brazilian food offers some seriously flavorful dishes and today I’ve got my friend Michelli here to show me how to cook up a traditional Brazilian feast. We start by making the national dish, Feijoda, a slow-cooking hearty stew filled with beans and pork. Farofa, a dish similar to polenta, is perfect to… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: College Chow

TODAY on MHTV: I still cringe at the thought of all those greasy, late-night feasts my son Calder would make while he was away at college. He’s here today, and we’re re-creating some of his favorites — jiggle shots, honey-glazed hot wings, and potato skins topped with cheese, sour cream, and chives — with good, healthy ingredients Jiggle… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Weekend Cook

Today on MHTV: Mexican food is a Quinn family favorite so today a I’m cooking up a feast. In order to make really down-home Mexican food, you really have to put the time in. The husks need a good soak and then, I make the tamale dough; it’s the perfect “weekend kitchen project” so I’m… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Weeknight Dinner Challenge

TODAY on MHTV: It’s finally here: I’m making the winning recipe from our Weeknight Dinner Challenge! Pam Glynn sent in an easy, delicious, hearty recipe that won us over instantly. This one-pan dinner has got it all: flavorful marinated chicken, healthy garbanzo beans, and juicy tomatoes. Then, everything is roasted until its golden and caramelized… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Quick Shrimp Masala

TODAY on MHTV: Tonight’s dinner is one where I’m going meat-free, so I’m making shrimp masala, or my “curry in a hurry”. A blend of Indian spices and sweet coconut milk, this easy, fast dinner takes no time to put together. To make things even easier on myself, I’m using shrimp and okra that I’ve got… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Traditional Israeli Family Cooking

TODAY on MHTV: I love learning new recipes and family traditions that center around food; today I have my friend Tal and her mom, who is from Israel, over to show me how to make a few Middle Eastern dishes. Hummus, is a simple chickpea dip blended with sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic—I like to… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Make-Ahead Family Meal

TODAY on MHTV: My brother and nieces are coming to visit so I’m prepping a couple dishes that I can make in advance and that are also kid-friendly. My deep-dish pizza dough comes together in a snap and rises overnight to guarantee a perfect crust every time. I use this to make focaccia topped with slow-roasted tomatoes which… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: All About Pork

TODAY ON MHTV: It’s no secret the Quinns love pork. I mean, really, really, love pork so I’m always trying to put a new spin on it. Today my friend, Matt Rahnik is here to show me how to make his amazing green chili and tomatillo pork stew. This versatile dish can be made in… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Asian-Inspired Menu

TODAY on MHTV: My friend Paul is here showing me how to make his family-style version of bibimbap, a traditional Korean rice dish. “Paulbimbop” as I like to call it, is a great one-pot meal with a Mediterranean twist to the ingredients. I like to serve it with a jar of kimchi too – a… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Favorite Philadelphia Dishes

TODAY on MHTV: My friend Beth, a Philly native, is here to help me make few of the classic dishes from the City of Brotherly Love. First up, a classic cheese steak: thin slices of beef topped with homemade cheese sauce and layered into a soft hoagie roll. What could be better? Then, we’re topping our… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Weeknight Meatless Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: After a long day, sometimes all you need is a big bowl of comfort food. Since I’m trying to go meatless at least once a week, this hearty mushroom pasta with its cheesy, creamy sauce is sure to satisfy a comfort craving. A light side of pomodoro salad drizzled with olive oil doesn’t… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Portobello Mushroom Steak Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: Thick, hearty mushrooms, like portobellos, are a great alternative to a meaty steak. Marinating them in olive oil and herbs keeps them tender and juicy while grilling. Serve over creamy goat cheese polenta as an alternative to mashed potatoes. The best thing about the polenta is that it does double duty for another… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Chicken Parmesan Dinner

TODAY on MHTV: Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite things to make for Sunday dinner; I prep everything in the morning and then assemble and bake it right before we’re about to eat.  The chicken is breaded in homemade breadcrumbs—they’re really easy, fast and add a lot more flavor than the store-bought stuff. To make… View Article

Recipes from Todays Show: Italian Osso Buco

TODAY on MHTV: Osso Buco is a classic Italian dish of braised veal shank, and one that I love to make. It just so happens Richie picked up some veal shanks at the store today. It’s typically served with risotto Milanese, which is flavored with saffron. If I have any leftover risotto, I chill it, form it… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Pork Schnitzel

TODAY on MHTV: Today I’m in the mood for crispy piece of meat – pork schnitzel always brings back memories of my moms kitchen and is a breeze to make. I coat thinly sliced pork tenderloin medallions with eggs and crunchy bread crumbs (I also always add Dijon to my eggs for a little kick)…. View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Fuss Free Entertaining

Today on MHTV: Repeat this over and over — “entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful”. I love throwing an impromptu cocktail party or dinner to bring friends together and I promise it doesn’t need to be hard to put together. Today’s menu is all about easy hor d’ouevres that are so good, no one will… View Article

Recipes from Today’s Show: Nostalgic Summer Menu

TODAY on MHTV: Summer always makes me think of my trips to Massachusetts to see my mom and all the great meals we shared during those visits. Today, I’m reminiscing and making my version of New England clam chowder. It’s a little lighter than the traditional soup but still rich in flavor; I mix the clam… View Article