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Mostly on Friday nights after a long work week I long to get home to my family, have a drink, cook dinner and just chill right out. I choose my nights out carefully, for work and even pleasure because I just love my home and everyone in it–what can I say. I’m just not used to an old fashioned date after all these years but we had one last night and it was perfect probably because it was so spontaneous. An afternoon call to meet at Lincoln Center at the Time Warner building to hear some jazz also fit my geographic-limitations being that its a stop between the office and home.

This is a newer building to the upper west side landscape and its only just started feeling like a fixture to me. What a venue this is to see music! As the sun goes down, and you sit comfortably in a small setting–you look at the band and the back drop of the New York Sky line and central park. Waiting to go in, an awesome little band played in the lobby, (I hope to hire this band for a party some day). But the headliner was vocalist Kurt Elling and his guest, the world renown accordianist, Robert Galliano. Songs sung in English, French, Spanish and German were so beautiful. We couldn’t leave without eating at one of the few west side restaurants we love, Porter House (modern but old school) where I’ve said it before, and will keep saying it–are my favorite onion rings–seen here on a plate with my first time trying their burger. I never finish a whole burger but gobbled up this entire thing along side a chilled light Spanish rose which all made for a glorious evening and best of all, I was home and in bed by 11pm! Today–despite the wind, its big green egg smoking practice.

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