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I was fortunate to visit my former home city Detroit twice this year. The city is reemerging after years of hard luck. Like so many places, a food revolution is taking hold. It’s not only galvanizing folks to do interesting things everything I have tasted is also first rate delicious. The bagel pictured here is hands down the best bagel I ate in 2014, and I live in NYC–arguably one o the bagel mecca’s of the USA. This one is called the Lew Silver, a typical lox, cream cheese schmear, capers and red onion situation except the addition of grated lemon rind in the cheese elevated the whole mouthful. Still it’s the actual bagel that is so amazing–crunchy, chewy and seasoned just right. I’m beginning to think it’s the water along side the baking technique. See for your self and drool.

Should you find yourself in Detroit, run don’t walk to

Now, if only my photo upload worked this time then I’m getting my blogging mojo back (thanks to John).



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  • Irvan August 17, 2015 at 11:14 am

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