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Vacation was completely rejuvenating but I’m back in the everyday and really happy to be home, making dinner, walking the dogs, nagging the kids to clean-up, getting to work blah blah blah BUT am also thinking about this weekends eats for the holiday.

Whatever the main feature is (probably lamb)–I’ll definitely be making this Easter Pie like I do every year. The recipe from Lucinda’s Rustic Italian cookbook was made many years ago with Martha on TV. (It might have been my first time on!). Make the whole pie–make individuals, have it for brunch with a green salad or as a part of a bigger dinner. The crust is one of my all time favorites–included in MH too for any pastry-phobes amongst you. It’s the easiest dough in the world to handle and has a yummy crackery taste too.

And, should the spirit move you–pls go to the link on the side of the blog and give Mad Hungry a vote for the Peoples Choice award in the IACP nominations. Tell your friends–we have until April 5th. Thanks, LSQ

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