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For a New York City girl whose watched her local libraries reduce their hours, staff, locations etc., it was with utter amazement that we pulled up to the brand new Darien, CT library for a book signing. The architecture, space, light and bustling activity are incredible. Yes, this fortunate town privately funded it which is what makes the diff but, come one: shouldn’t we all have a full time library in our neighborhood open for kids and adults to enjoy books, movies, lectures etc? Ok, I ask too much, but I digress. The staff who welcomed us, shown here (Barbara, Erica plus thanks Kathy and Jane) put on a very cool event. They presented food cooked from the book (see Dolly’s Chocolate Bundt Cake), brought in an eclectic crowd who were all very interested in the subject matter, asked great questions and bought all the books! There was also a little mini offshoot discussion going on too as my son,pictured here helping me prepare for the demo, also answered some questions like, “what’s the biggest disaster that ever happened in your cooking, ” to which he confessed making his first pasta sauce with a “clove” (really a head) of garlic. Anyway, we had fun, signed books and walked away jealous that we all don’t have libraries like this everywhere for everyone! Oh yeah, I liked that they served wine too: it loosened folks up! So, to Darien: enjoy and relish your wonderful library and thanks for inviting me to visit.

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