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Am missing this boy child terribly given his canceled flight home due to this horrendous NYC weather. This boy doggie misses him too–stalking me in the bedroom, kitchen, living room–another incorrigible yearling who needs more than this ladies exercise routine! Still–there is a household of other males who seem to evade the dog walking but turn up for the breakfast eating. Was reminded as I made this recipe how tedious the development was on this simple formula. Simple is the hardest food to develop because you really have to know what to leave out without loosing big taste. For years I’d made these pancakes from eyeball and intuition so when it came to writing the recipe it wasn’t as effortless as you might think. Mostly because of the leavener–not wanting too much or two kinds yet needing enough for some lift. Also needing puff and fluff–but not dryness or worse chewiness either. Once again–you can’t beat a super seasoned cast iron skillet to griddle the flapjacks. Once your batter is right, it’s always the balance of heat, fat and skillet which will give you the good pancakes. Then, per usual you can’t beat a salty pork product with it too. I fried some leftover ham–which caramelized andwhen butted up against the pancake–both swathed in sweet maple syrup makes for the best breakfast bite ever.

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  • Mary February 19, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Hi Lucinda,

    I can appreciate you missing you son. I am seventy four years old and I miss the time that I had raising my children. I now have grandchildren and they are grown and I am missing their youth as well.
    Time really flies! Enjoy family, food and friends!

  • Khadija akter October 18, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    please give us the information about the boy ,i mean boy & dog breakfast pic.please please please

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