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As some folks may know–Thursdays at 4pm EST on Sirius 112 radio channel, Eatdrink is broadcast live. This little radio program was born several years ago for Martha Stewart Living radio channel. Once a week–a guest comes on with me and we basically chat, ramble, eat and drink for an hour. Every week I learn something new from folks I admire in this industry.

Used to be I’d trek up to 48th street from my office on west 26th to do the show at the Sirius studios which are a really cool place to be. But–it was tough to take such a chunk out of my busy day to do so. Recently, our company built a studio at the office just upstairs from our test kitchens.

I could literally test a recipe, put it on the oven–do the radio show and its finished when I’m done–just the way I work at home when I’m cooking–trying to multi-task where possible.

The other bonus of this new studio is that my wonderful guests (chefs, bakers, author, farmers, mixologists etc) can now come to the test kitchen after the show and meet our food editors.

Yesterday baker Dorie Greenspan was on the show. Dorie is truly one of the most lovely people I know in this business and a favorite radio guest of Eatdrink. Yesterday we toured the test kitchens after the show and she shared her utter amazement on twitter soon after–so I figured I share a few pics too:

From Dorie: After Lucinda Scala Quinn’s Eat/Drink radio show, I got a tour of the @marthastewart test kitchens.I want to live in themforever.SoFabulous!

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  • GardenGuyKenn February 26, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Love the test kitchens! As I look at all the space, ovens, utensils, etc. I can only imagine how many wedding cakes, and other specialty cakes I could create in that space! Sometimes having a specialty cake (side) business out of your home can be difficult! I dream of a kitchen space that large! *sigh*

  • linda wyly November 6, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    I do like to see that only one knife is used which makes sense to me and is very efficient in the kitchen. What chefs knife is used? Thanks

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