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I was really headed toward an old fashioned apple pie. The apple varieties in the farmers markets are peaking right now so I purchased a combo of sweet and tart apples (love the Black Twig). Plans had it for dessert Saturday after butternut squash risotto, roast pork loin and green salad but I pooped out before getting to dessert which is why its good to have a stash of quality chocolate bars in order to satisfy the hoards. Needles to say, the guys were asking all day about the pie but–whatever, it just wasn’t happening. Sunday am–awoke to a beautiful day and prepped those apples for a proper pie dessert but, once again got distracted, busy–you know the drill so, I switched gears to an apple crisp, pictured above, recipe from MH.

I can honestly say dessert was enjoyed with the same gusto a pie might’ve been minus the beauty of a perfect slice. Vanilla ice-cream topped it for the great texture combo crisp as the topping included toasted oats etc with a salty/sweet combo mixture. So, pastry-phobes or time-lackers: go for the faux pie if need be. Once in the mouth the whole apple thing is the same. BTW, I DO actually go a night w/out pork: the crisp was proceeded by leftover risotto cakes, spicy steamed clams, and oven-roasted brussel sprouts (had to resist adding smoked pork).
Heading out for another week of touring, Philly, D.C., WV–check the tour sched and please come say hi should we be in your back yard.

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