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that’s what my dad used to say as we, his choopies evolved and got some skills of our own, “from the professor I’ve become the student.” Listening to Pavarotti now sing Nessun Dorma makes me miss my pops. Even though his spirit lives on in all his boys and grandsons. Here MDQ (whose stint working at Le Bernardin made him a better fish cook than his moms) makes a lobster sauce for tagliarinni–which was off the effing hook with flavor. Followed by the black bass here, stuffed with grapefruit and orange slices, fresh thyme inside too but rosemary on the outside (protected by the skin from imparting too strong a flavor). The bass fillets, absolutely pristine and clean flavor with intermittent gentle herbal and citrus overtones. Btw, on the tattoo situation. I had one rule: no tatts or piercings until 18 years old. MDQ got his first at 18 plus 1 second. On the wrist, the Tibetan om mane pame hum (hail the jewel in the heart of the lotus–compassion and all good things), the right arm the Tibetan wind cloud, the chest, Delta. Yes, at first, I was traumetized by ink on my baby’s body but now I think they’re beautiful works of art. The nipple piercing? That’s another story.

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