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Yesterday I received this note on FB from

where Jessica describes how frustrating it can be feeding other people so everyone is happy. She describes so well how easy it is to get sidetracked with crappy food.
Btw Jess, try the chicken and dumplings too.

So, here’s her story:

Hello Lucinda, I wanted to write and tell you that your a copy of your cookbook has found a happy home

I love cooking. I love eating, and I love trying new things. My husband on the other hand loves chili….on everything. It’s been a bit of an issue in our marriage and something I’d tried tackling from various angles. The main problem is that we now have two sons, ages 4 & 2, and naturally, they want to be exactly like Dad right down to the food on their plates! It had finally become such a source of frustration for me that I was falling back on packaged and processed foods, which I detest, because I was tired of throwing away uneaten dinners that were wasting time and money to prepare.

On Christmas morning, I opened my surprise gift from my hubby, which he’d been telling me for weeks “I found something that I know you’re going to love”, and it was a copy of Mad Hungry. Along with the book came the promise from my dear husband that if I cooked something out of Mad Hungry, he would eat it. No complaints, no refusal to try, that he would eat WHATEVER I cooked out of your cookbook.

All I can tell you is that in the last few weeks I have completely rediscovered my love for food. I have put delicious, healthful food on the table and cleared “Happy Plates” every time. I’ve made batches of Chicken Pocket Pies that my four year old now requests for lunch over his old pleas for hot dogs and mac and cheese. My cousin who hasn’t eaten chicken on the bone since childhood stood over the stove with me last night tearing off pieces of flat roast chicken and swirling it in the pan juices, laughing at herself because she couldn’t stop eating! I’ve really been able to go to the market and shop in the fresh produce and actually know what to do with what I buy!

Thank you for your book. That you for stating the simple fact that men eat differently that women. Upon embracing this, I have been able to achieve something I’ve been trying to reach for a long while.


Jessie Whitaker

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