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Sometimes it’s just too funny what happens in our household.

Sorry guys but–some things are just so predictable.

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1. Last nights dinner: delicious and thanks for helping BUT–flame-broiled steaks mean flames underneath the steaks, not engulfed in them.

2. This morning marked incident number 578 in the empty-milk-carton-in-the-fridge theme. Shame on me for not checking BEFORE I make the coffee but, it is really such a bummer to have the steaming hot cup ready to go, to start your day (the ONE thing I’m looking forward to at that moment) only to find no freaking milk! And, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve asked for this not to happen.

3. Am cleaning up from dinner and find a stick of butter welded to the BOTTOM of the blender base. What? Hello!!! (That is a first-even for our crazy home.)

4. Dogs who live on dog food are happy. It’s just that the guys who own the dogs who think a giant lamb bone is a treat, aren’t the ones who walk the dogs first thing in the morning. I’m just saying. Digestive track much?

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  • Maureen April 7, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Even in print, they still won't get the hint!

  • Lauriek April 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Lucinda,I laughed so hard reading this–my Lab threw up the remnants of a sirloin bone yesterday, just found it in the corner, and what is that sticky stuff on the toaster?! I really hope its maple syrup.You have been an inspiration–I have a husband and two boys, 11 and 13, and we have just in the past year moved into the stage of our lives when there is never enough food in the house. I am also an environmental scientist and try my best to feed my family REAL food—despite a busy life and the magic self-emptying fridge. “Mad Hungry” is the best cookbook I’ve ever used. The flat roasted chicken is pure genius, the Italian fries are amazing, and I make a pound of kale chips every week, just to list some favorites. I now freeze bread and bake bacon(I noted your comment that no house should run out of bacon, the general response was “Duh!”) and enjoy cooking for my men. Even the sturdy cover and binding that lies flat reflects an attention to detail and care for the work that I admire. Most importantly, your book triggered a paradigm shift in my attitude towards preparing meals for my family—it is still frantic, but I now concentrate on doing it will love instead of annoyance. Thank you!I’m sure you are too busy for replies, but I have a question. We bought a whole cow from a local farm here in upstate New York, and while I know what to do with the steaks and hamburger we had most of it cut into (and oven braised short ribs!) what the he** do I do with a rump roast??Love your blog too, since I have just recently discovered it—it’s nice to know someone at MSLO has a real life! I wish you all the best.Laurie Kutina, East Aurora, NY

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