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I arrived home to the the incredible aroma of the crunchy sesame chicken wings, (MH p. 126) wafting thought the hallways before I even opened the apartment door.  It’s so funny (especially to those of you who may have heard my tour talks) that my husband was so proud to say that he’d actually followed HIS own recipe in my book. I had to pin him down for the right formula when I wrote the book and even though its a perfect recipe he continues to ignore it and riffs (unsuccessfully, I might add) on it and it is never as good as the original. Guess what?? He finally admitted to the value of sticking to a tried and true plan. 

Already, I’ve done 2 long doggie walks (my aged brown dog stands at my side) as new puppy explores AND I will just say once how happy I am to be reunited with all the Quinn males I live with.
Thanks to everyone who purchased Mad Hungry at the Martha Stewart Craft Fair this weekend. Wish I could have been there too but I know my rocking colleague Lauren took good care of you. 
Am off to the Columbia farmers market because its 11:30 a.m. and I’ve already been asked that burning question, What’s for dinner? Some things never change!
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