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Portland Oregon and environs would be a great vacation spot for a anyone but especially a family. Within one hour-your reach the coast from Portland. Veer south and its the home of American Pinot Noir. Fort-five minutes east from the city and you’re on the Columbia river gorge with spectacular waterfalls & hiking spots, the hood river and soon after, Mount Hood. You could eat all your meals at the food carts alone for just a few bucks, see the most spectacular rose gardens, Japanese and Chinese garden too. The vibe is very chill–nice people–independent minded and environmentally conscious–who celebrate their bountiful natural resources. If you’re a biker–for sport or transport–thsi IS definitely the place for you–bikes are everywhere.

And if you’re into beer–the artisinal, micro-brewed kind then forget about it.–No other city in the country has a wider variety ofr greater density of craftsman beermakers. We visited the Horse Brass Pub, a top Pacific northwest watering hole–where a staggering array of beers are tapped–many from the area, others from around the northwest, imported from UK, Belgium and Flemish varieties too. My choice, was described as follows, “Hop Pursuit, Full Sail Brewing, Hood River Oregon: a crisp extra pale ale with a medium malt body chased by a ton of hop flavor and a zing of bitterness.” Another said , “Kolsch-Double mountain Brewing, Hood River Oregon: crisp and refreshig with hints of citrus and spices that culminates in a lightly hoppy, sharp finish.” There were dozens and dozesn of such beers and descriptions. Any book lover familiar of America’s Indie bookstores knows the famous Powells books–a treasure trove of new and used titles. So–all in all, a beautiful part of the country to explore. We came upon Goorin Bros Bold Hatmakers, est 1895 on 23rd street—and Calder now rocks his first proper hat.

Back on the on the coast at Cannon Beach,–I found a pristine sand dollar and sandwiches from Ken’s for luncg were as delicious as the croissants were perfection. Two other lauded spots we dined at were both slightly dissapoointing to me, Le Pigeon and Beast–both foodie destos but–for me just off the mark enough to make me wish I’d eaten every meal at Pok Pok or the carts. Next time.

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  • mcs3000 April 25, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    You've outdone yourself in April, LSQ!: Living with Guys; The Man, the Ribs, the Tatt; Portland/IACP. You're writing the most authentic and usable food blog – making me laugh along the way. It's an awesome extension to your book, which I find myself reaching for so often. Congrats again on the IACP nomination and great interview with David Leite.I never cooked a perfect egg until I opened Mad Hungry. You rock so hard! ps. Hope you visit SF again. Come to Omnivore Books: It's my favorite bookstore and you'll love the owner. Celia reminds me of you – charismatic, funny and authentic. And she even sells farm-fresh eggs.

  • Tyne April 26, 2010 at 9:20 am

    Hey! You have a blog! I have nearly worn the pages thin on your fantastic cookbook, glad to have found you!

  • LUCINDA SCALA QUINN April 26, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    MCS: Thanks for the kind words and, yes–II'm longing to go to Omnivore and always, any chance for SF I jump on. Best,LSQT: Glad you found us here at the blog. And, am at work on another cookbook so–stay tuned. Best, LSQ

  • Mad Hungry Lovers April 7, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    We hope you come back to Portland area again! So sad we missed your Book Tour last year. I am a mom of 3 hungry boys and a hungry husband! We are huge fans of Mad Hungry as it has become our go to cookbook! We live in Vancouver, WA and we love to dine in Portland and relax in Cannon Beach! Next time you visit Portland, you should eat dinner at Caffe Mingo on NW 23rd. You will have to wait for a table if you get there after 5:30, but wine next door at Bar Mingo is the perfect solution while you wait! Their amazing food reminds me of something you would create! My husband and I go there on date nights! Thank you so much for promoting the family meal. We do are part every chance we get with our 3 young boygs to cook and eat together!

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