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Nashville has a very cool vibe which you begin to pick up right away. Thankfully we made our 7:10 flight out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Podcast, talk and signing at the A2 library was so well organized. You can check it out on their website if interested. But, was so happy my cousin Tom and Aunt Angie came from Canada, just across the lake. Other folks who attended made a great audience, wonderful questions and discussions arose and once again , the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was the object of exploration. After talking about the Chicken Pocket Pies,p. 62 which one lady made in triplet for her mad hungry college boys, it reminded me to recommend this pie dough recipe if you’re afraid of pastry–it works and rolls like playdough: no cracks and disappointments. Meanwhile, another lady hipped me to a distant cousin of my hand pie from Cornwall England: can’t remember the name but it is a meat pie with a crease in the middle in order to accommodate jam on the other side for lunch and dessert all in one pie, originally a miners lunch. What a great idea which I will try at home.

So, had 2 TV appearances scheduled but funny to find out one had beef with the other for also booking me, so they sent me packing lol. But, did make the addictive Crunchy Sesame Chicken Wings, p. 126 on CBS WTBS Talk of The Town, and I’ve included the clip here EVEN though I have crazy puffy hair, I ‘ll forgo vanity to show how simple this recipe is to make at home. Do it yourself hair and make-up is NOT my strong point, but I try.
Above, my son/tour boss sits in the anchor chair (where Oprah used to sit when she worked there) while we await my segment. Then our escort (that’s what they call it folks) but really a busy and talented food stylist, Whitney Kemp took us for a delicious lunch at Marche Artisan Foods above–we ate wonderful fresh, healthy food with actual greens and I marveled at all the local products like the kick ass Benton’s Bacon and Fall’s Mill Grits. That is the fascinating thing about traveling the country, checking out all the local foods particular to just that area.
Just snoozed and will head to the legendary indie Davis Kidd book store for a talk and signing. We’re serving goodies from the book, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, p. 252 (make once and you’ll do it again) and easy yet ever popular Dolly’s Chocolate Bundt Cake, p. 233 too. Any energy left will find me looking for live music in this capitol of move and groove.
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