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From my postings here and on FB about my bread baking activities, I think it’s fair to say that Sullivan Street bakery’s Jim Laheys new book,

is the book I’ve most been working from in the last couple months because yeast is my new learning curve. I have had almost instant and undeserving success with his no-knead bread (which is what makes it so amazing for us dough mortals). So, pictured here is Jim’s pizza recipe.
At his pizza restaurant Company, one is assured top quality pies as only an imported Italian bread oven can give you. His “Popeye” pizza–tomato pie piled high with fresh spinach and baked feels almost virtuous but–the “fat pizza” (as we like to call it)–bacon, onion, cheese and cream (I think) is practically impossible to eat only one slice of. So, back home where my simple oven can’t compare and my dough seemed a little stiff, we still managed to eat a few good homemade pies.
The first is quite innovative for a pizza–thin sliced cauliflower is tossed with olive oil, minced olives, garlic, grated Parmesan, hot pepper flakes, s&p.; The whole shebang is piled on the dough (thickest pile around the edges which cook first and hottest-thinnest in the middle to avoid sogginess) and it bakes at 500 for 25 minutes. The tomato, meant to be unadorned had slabs of fresh mozz before cooking and a meadow of chiffonade arugula added after. Either I was off, the weather was off or the recipe was but the dough was a bit to crispy, not salty enough and overall a less friendly than my bread dough to work with. But, Jim’s recipes are written with style and voice–adding in a few odd words that make all the difference for understanding what he means. I will push on next with the focaccia
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