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This is yet another American city I’ve never been to with its own flavor and style just like the others. And, it has the most amazing weather too (ok I get why people come here for the winter). Today high 69–chilly in the morning and no humidity. Glorious citrus trees are growing all over the place and yes, in true tourist fashion–found the first great looking cactus (which goes with the man theme lol) to photograph which lives in the front yard of where the radio show Culinary Confessions is broadcast.

This morning two TV shows and two radio shows filled up the morning. Midway through, son announced his intention to hike Camelback Mountain located right between Scottsdale and Phoenix. While it sounds fun, I was worried he’d drag me up there too (in my clogs-like in Cincinnati) but wisely he didn’t. So, I was left with a few free hours to plan lunch (natch).
But, I’m so excited over dinner plans (more on that later) that I needed to keep it light. Low and behold–it turns out famed integrative Doctor Andrew Weil has a new restaurant near my hotel call True Food Kitchen, where, I was told, “they actually make health food taste good.” Skeptical as I was (this is rarely the case in a restaurant), I ate my lunch there solo: an awesome Grapefruit, Uzu and Agave drink started things off and my meal, brown rice, tofu and mad green veggies was so damn good I couldn’t believe it. He has a formula that works– an excellent menu, great ingredients and cooks in the kitchen that can actually pull it off
Tonight we’ll be at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, so come on down should this be your neck of the woods. Tomorrow off to Denver and Boulder. Btw, Cathy Erway at is having a fun MH giveaway. Check it out.
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