Pinot Noir

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Full disclosure: I am no wine authority, just a sipper who throughly enjoys drinking it with meals on a regular basis. Anyone who knows me well knows that my absolute favorite wine is old world red French Burgundy. Yes, that’s a broad statement–but in a very general sense it’s true. I like the elegance and seemingly simple taste of one grape (pinot noir), as opposed to a blend. And for the winemakers to get it right, year after year, it requires a dance like no other. I think of it as the incorrigible child of wines–difficult to cultivate and turn into wine– as it needs hyper-focused care through¬†the whole process, from growing to picking to bottling–or else it will not cooperate! Nor does it have a friend to blend with. One bullet, one chance to get it right. Old world Burgundies are very different than new world ones, in spite of sharing similar root stock. I’m always on the look out for a “new” one to love.

Hahn Wines (included with fifty famed vineyard estates) ¬†is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands, an AVA (American Viticultural Area) located in Monterey County, California above the Salinas Valley. This is the worlds only sunny Burgundy region, where cold weather grapes receive loads of sun. The proximately to the ocean, its prevailing winds and predictable fog patterns define the circumstances under which this unique wine thrives, and sets the standard for new world Pinot Noir. Of all the pinots from the region I tasted recently in New York City, its the lower right glass, 2012 Hahn SLH Gabrielle Pinot Noir that grabbed my attention. For my next special occasion meal, I hope to find a bottle to enjoy. For every other night of the week I remain on the constant search for delicious everyday bottles under $20.00–LSQ


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