Recipes from Today’s Show: Quick Dinner for Two

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TODAY on MHTV: I love making this chicken piccata dinner when my husband and I have the place to ourselves. Mascarpone in the mashed potatoes and crispy prosciutto on the string beans make the meal extra special, and the simple preparations leave time for us to enjoy each other’s company, and our favorite cocktail, a refreshing negroni. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Chicken Piccata

Creamy Chive Mashed Potatoes

Steamed yet Crispy String Beans

Negroni Cocktail

Get the recipes from the 11:30 am ET show: Simple French Cooking at Home

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  • Eileen July 19, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Is Lucinda on vacation? I noticed some lovely heartfelt messages for her, me included, and she hasn’t responded like she usually does. We hope all is well with the best cook on television. Don’t forget about your loyal followers.


  • Melecia Tucker July 19, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    I was right there with you this morning while you where preparing this lovely dish i could almost taste it that’s how i love food how i love to see it any where especially when its well done cause the good old saying says that we eat with our eyes first so true all the best Lucinda continue doing your thing

  • Lucinda Scala Quinn July 22, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Eileen and MT:
    THanks for tuning and in and writing to say hi. No–I’m not on vacation
    but am filming the new season of MHTV which means long hours and lots of sleep when I can. THanks for the reminder to respond as I appreciate everyone’s support.
    Best, LSQ

  • Carole Nelson July 25, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Love your show, watch alot of cooking, because I like to cook:) What is the color polish? looks nice on you.

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