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So we eat a lot of beans and rice in our family–different types: red, black, pinto, chick peas etc.

The most economical way to healthfully feed a group is to start with the dried beans–just a couple bucks for a bag which will feed a group of 6-8–total protein. Still-a couple cans of organic beans at under 2 bucks each–mightn’t have perfect texture but, the cooking is fast and the end result almost as good. But, seasoning and cooking and condiments–that’s where the art comes in. Tonight (in the dark–late to the table pic)–it’s canned, 3-beans. Saute onions, garlic, red pepper, hot pepper, cumin, oregano, tomato paste. Add the beans, a little water, make the rice–in that 20 minutes, dinner is served. Meanwhile, tonight I also did a fry up of some ginger, garlic and sliced bok choy for a side dish. But, if you can’t bear to cook–(yes, it happens here too)–we order black beans and yellow rice from La Caridad. ¬†WITH a avocado and onion salad too (with a squeeze of lemon and white pepper). Still–in a totally not-new-york-city-style, I really hate ordering out. Especially with my group. The price tag for one dinner is practically the whole weeks grocery bill.

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