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Rarely has Saturday morning been such a relief–the random inconsequential moments so appreciated. A surprise flower gift has absolutely flooded our home with an amazing feminine-ish scent replacing the usual frat-house ones the vie daily to overwhelm me. And, on the coldest day of the year–my doggies couldn’t get enough outside this am and I swear my face practically had frost bite by the time I returned. Leftover baked ziti had already been pulled out and three quarters consumed for one guys breakfast by the time of my 10:00 am return and preparing tuna for another boys forthcoming lunch–I just decided to skip my dreamed of (while freezing in the park) pancake breakfast and hold back some tuna for a breakfast tuna melt of my own. Before the next onslaught, am preparing the households FAVORITE Vinegar Glossed Chicken–excerpted with recipe here:(

This recipe has turned up on many blogs and seems to have hit a chord with folks–like this one which is really satisfying. When my boys are asked their favorite recipes from MH–this one is amongst all their top favs. Music streaming through the kitchen right now is Va Pensiero form Guiseppe Verdi’s Nabucco–conducted by Ricardo Muti. It rocks my world every time I hear it. Might be on an opera jag this weekend if domination by boy rap doesn’t overrun me. Sometimes, if I can’t beat them I join them.
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